The Beauty of My Chaotic Life

Everything you see in my blog is a part of my beautifully chaotic life in some way shape or form.

A seasonal Death

The air lingered 

tight around my heart.

what was once filled with joyful noise

was now silent

Not even a gap was uttered

the bright, beautiful landscapes

suddenly loosing their luster

things that were once

a fiery red 

are now fading

slowly fading to black

the serenity that was once here

will soon freeze

everything will turn to ice

the air is now 

silent and still

the wind will howl again

bringing this 

beautiful land 

to life

completing the cycle,

 never ending 

always a new beginning 

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From a Writer’s Persona

Tap, Tap, Tap, 

Click, click, click

the keys on my keyboard are flying away

my pencil plots out the characters 

only leaving the page when i need to think.

Paper balls are all over my floor.

Soft instrumental music acts as my muse.

The perfectionist in me appears. 

Crumpling the draft I had just written

tap, tap, tap, 

click, click, click,

the tapping and clicking cancel out the

perfectionist and I found my masterpiece. 

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"A girl and her bed on Sundays are an endless love affair."

note to self  (via tat-art)

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Watching Connor Franta on YouNow

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Anonymous asked:

Would you ever do a thong thursday or a topless tuesday??

The Beauty of My Chaotic Life answered:

Interesting question…

I honestly don’t think I am the kind of girl who would. Yeah I am self conscious about my body, yes I am not confident in my own skin. But on the other hand, I don’t want to put my body out there so anyone can see it. In my mind there would be a lot of comments towards me if I ever did. People will always say “Don’t worry about what other people think” but they don’t take to account that sometimes a person just always thinks about what others think about them and they can’t let it go. it’s who they are. 

I don’t think i am strong enough to deal with any negative comments but also people would say “How do you know if they will be negative comments without trying?” 

How can I try to put my body out there when I am the kind of girl who doesn’t want to conform to the society’s norm of thong thursday or topless tuesday. 

If you want to comment on my answer go ahead. 

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"We can only talk about ourselves in the language we have available. If that language is rich, it illuminates us. But if it is narrow or restricted, it represses and conceals us."

Jaan Whitehead 

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